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Why Choose Us?

*Locally owned and operated: BES is not a national chain, or a "Big Box" corporation. This company is based in Leominster, Massachusetts, and services all of Central Mass (and sometimes beyond). City Hall employees, doctors, dentists, elected officials, guidance personnel, teachers, and principals have sent their own children to us. We even had the pleasure of working with Olympian Erika Lawler a few years back! We are literally part of this community, and are very proud of our work in this area. 

* A puny ad budget: BES can't afford to hire actors to portray happy students on televisions or in print ads, so we rely heavily on word-of-mouth referrals to generate new clients.  The best endorsement doesn't come from recognizing a "brand" name, it comes from your neighbor or friend who has used an effective SAT Prep program. Speaking of endorsements...

*A referral list from here to the floor: Because we have worked with so many local students, you probably know at least one family that has used our services. Challenge us to find someone you know, then grill those parents for information about what it was like to work with us!

*Flexible coaching programs: One size does NOT fit all. We offer private sessions, which cater completely to a student's specific needs. A student who has learning challenges can be granted extra face time with a tutor, and an advanced student's course can be accelerated or modified to raise the challenge level.

*Stats that rock: Our SAT PREP program produces real results, and we have the numbers to prove it. Oh, and we don't hand-pick our best scores to artificially inflate the results, like some courses do. Call us... we like to brag about the overall results we get!

* Extended student support: A registered student can call his or her assigned tutor for extra help on assignments outside of normal tutoring hours. There is no extra charge for this.

*We care. We don't treat students like a number. We offer real-time support. We will make the effort to call you personally to report any issues (such as missing homework), and of course, to talk to you when there's good news! Each and every student is important to us. Call today! (978) 534-9101

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