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Our instructors normally meet with each student once per week, around the client's schedule.

Private in-home sessions run for 11/2 hours each.

Homework is assigned every week, and most students can complete it in about 2 -3 hours. If a student is struggling, he or she can call a tutor for extra help at no extra charge.

Registration must be completed and a small non-refundable deposit must be received before tutoring can begin. Tutoring to prepare sudents for the May test begins in January. Sessions to prepare students for the October test begin in late June/early July. It is best to register early!


Note: Some students are REALLY dedicated. For them, we offer Review Prep to "brush up" before taking the SAT I exam yet again. This option is only available to former clients. The review consists of four private sessions and concentrates only on areas that the student wants to further improve. This Prep begins five weeks before a scheduled test date, and it is still important to sign up early to make sure we can accommodate the request.

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